What I’m Reading: Catching Fire

I am now hooked.  After reading the first installment of the Hunger Games trilogy last week (right before I watch the movie), I can’t help myself from flipping through the pages of Catching fire.  I did not have time to share any thoughts on the first book, but suffice it is to say, I enjoyed reading it.  The entire time that I was just hearing about how good the series is, I was thinking that it was in the likes of Game of Thrones, only it’s futuristic rather than medieval.  I was expecting hard core action scenarios.  Well, at some point, yes I was correct.  But what I’m really pointing out is that I never expected it to be a love story

While watching the movie, I can feel the crowd get kilig over the Katniss-Peeta scenes and Gale’s jealous scenes.  And I must admit, kinilig din ako.

So as I continue with the trilogy, I came to really appreciate Peeta, particularly in Catching Fire.  Here are just some of the lines that melted me..

“Having an eye for beauty isn’t the same think as a weakness. Except possibly when it comes to you.”

“For the Capitol, you’re pure. For me, you’re perfect.”


I am a Gale-Katniss fan, but I can’t help but like Peeta and his way with words.


Photo from fanpop.com


Photo from Wikipedia


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5 Responses to “What I’m Reading: Catching Fire”

  1. Gale should be with katniss..

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