It’s good to be back

I have been in hiatus for a few days, having very limited access to any form of technology.  Here are a few things that I have learned from my experience:

1. It is possible.  Many times have I thought that I would not survive a day without my phone and laptop or any means of communication with theoutside world.  I have been very dependent on SMS, Twitter, Facebook in communicating with my family, friends and colleagues.  It has been tough, really, not knowing what is happening out there.  But somehow, I survived.

2. Nothing beats personal connection.  In the past few days, I have greatly appreciated the value of personally communicating with poeple.  It feels great to see complete facial expressions, hear actual tones of voice.  There is much much less guessing game going on, except of course if the person you are with is a great actor.

3. I can appreciate technology more. Ok, I have been rambling about how I was able to live without any form of communication with the outside world, but this also made me realize that there are some things that can only be made or done via these forms of communication.  I will be forever grateful with the fact that I can keep in touch with the people who are thousands of miles away from me.  These forms of communication also helps in keeping record or documentation of your conversations, which for me, is important, because, yes, I am the mushy type that re-reads messages.  And ofcourse, blogging, is able to help me reach some people who would be impossible for me to reach without technology.

What’s your take on this?


~ by youknowicanseeyou on February 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “It’s good to be back”

  1. Welcome back! And I’d have to agree with what you said about real connection. Nothing beats. 😀

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