Places to Visit in 2012

I am soooo looking forward to 2012.  I can feel that it’s gonna be a great year and I have committed to myself that I will really make it one.  As early as October of last year, I have started to make a list of places I want to visit in 2012.

EUROPE.   I have never been to Europe.  A lot of friends have gone there and all of them share the same thing – it’s a destination you should not miss in your lifetime.  I have already booked my flight for this.  I know I should not buy my ticket until I get my Visa, but it was on sale for crying out loud! I had to buy it and tell myself that I’ll figure a way to ensure I get THAT Visa.  During the time that I am there, some friends are also going to be there.  However, they are all repeaters in Europe, i.e. non-first-timers unlike me.  I saw a their draft itenerary and it seems like they’ll be hopping from one city to another every two days. TWO DAYS! That’s just crazy. So I have decided to maybe just meet up with them in a couple of cities but I am definitely not joining their entire trip!

My first stop is the city of love, Paris.  I am looking forward to the seeing the Eiffel Tower and experiencing the real French culture (pastries, shopping, museums, etc).  I might also need to refresh myself with my French 10 Materials during my college days.

Other cities in my list are Florence, Milan, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid and Nice.  I promised myself to have a clear itenerary by Mid-Feb in time for my Visa Application.  I have also found wonderful blogs that will actually help me plan my trip:


NEW YORK.  Last year was the first time I went to the US and the experience was unforgettable.  But I was not able to visit NY because my trip was only for 2 weeks and I had to be somewhere during the entire trip.  So in 2012, I am going back and I’ll definitely spend atleast 3 days in NY.  Friends tell me that the parks, malls and shows are definitely worth visiting.


CHINA.  I haven’t really thought of visiting China until I saw this wonderful post by Tagofabic.  His shots were just so amazing, I wanna go there! Right now I don’t know if after I have taken my leaves for the two big trips above, I would still have spare days for China, but I really hope I would!  If necessary, I would probably take unpaid leaves (just for 5 days) to visit this amazing country.


The only question now is, how will I pay for all these trips? 😀 any tips?



~ by youknowicanseeyou on February 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Places to Visit in 2012”

  1. Wow! I’m planning to go to NYC also this year, and watch Book of Mormon. LOL. I want, i want!!

  2. Yeah, I hope i can watch some shows too! *fingers crossed*. Btw, i need some tips for the China trip! 🙂

  3. Europe is so small yet so diverse. Every destination offers something quite different and unique. You’ll have so much fun visiting the places on your list 😀 China is also amazing, but try to get away from the big cities if you want to see the real China!

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