My Wicked Experience

I went to Singapore last week and Wicked was one of the things I was really excited about. I have never been to NY, so I haven’t really watched any broadway musical, and I have been told that I am missing out on so much. The only ones I have watched locally were Rent and The Wedding Singer, both of which I watched only because my friends were selling tickets. But no, don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed watching Rent and I was really impressed with how well our local talents performed. Although The Wedding Singer wasn’t that great, I’d still say that the lead actor (Jolina Magdangal’s brother) and Iya Villania also did well. Maybe it was just the entire production that was not that appealing.

Ok, so going back to Wicked, I loved every part of it. Here are just some of my favorite scenes and my thoughts about them.

  • The scene where everyone was hating on Elphaba. I think most of us, if not all, have our own insecurities, some having more than others. But essentially, the feeling is the same – we feel ashamed, hated and isolated. What’s worse, you may come across someone who’s in the exact opposite situation, albeit, perfect, like Glinda. Right? Who has not been jealous of that most popular girl in class who’s got all the attention, particularly of the guy you’ve been eyeing on? If you simply come across that person, maybe if you’re just in the same class, consider yourself lucky! But what if she becomes your room mate and all the people around you keep comparing the two of you? That would probably drive me insane!
  • Defying gravity. I know everyone must be raving about this part, not only because the song has become extremely popular, but also because this might be one of the most dramatic part of the show. For me, that moment is something all of us would love to have. That moment when we can defy even the strongest of forces, may it be your family, work, relationships, and just fly and break free.
  • Elphaba and Glinda bidding farewell to each other. To be honest, it must have been the song “For Good” that made me love this scene so much. The song just says so much about the friendship that they have- a friendship that has changed both of them for the better, a friendship that’s hard to let go, a friendship that some of us might only dream of having. Try googling for the lyrics, and you’ll surely be touched!
  • “I’m not that girl” scenes. This song was performed twice, first by Elphaba when Fiyero was with Glinda and during the second half of the show, Glinda sang it when Fiyero left her for Elphaba. The twist would not have been that wonderful if they sang different songs, but singing the same song gave it such a great impact. Gah, i just lovet it. I just blurted out “Awwwww, it’s the same song but now she’s singing it”

I also bought the souvenir program of the show. One of the things that caught my attention is the alternalte for Jemma Rix for the role of Elphaba. Zoe Jarrett, an experienced part of the cast, probably haven’t performed in the Singapore leg of the production. Unlike the other alternates who still play some minor roles during the show, it must have felt very difficult, just waiting to be called when the original cast member can’t make it. But at any time, she should be just as prepared as the original cast. I remember being an alternate for a competition during college. Yes, I prepared with the entire team, had late nights with them, but since everyone was in good shape during the competition, I just ended up being their biggest fan. But yes, it was not a very good feeling.

Those were just a few thoughts running around my head the day I watched Wicked. In general, I have to say it again, I truly loved it. Care to share what you liked most/least about Wicked? Let us know about it!




~ by youknowicanseeyou on January 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “My Wicked Experience”

  1. hindi pa ako nakakapanood ng mga ganito but i’d like to try one of these days. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. The last play and musical I last saw was Exuus (Repertory Philippines) and Don Quixote (Ballet Philippines). I’m hearing a lot of things about Mama Mia. I might watch it.

    Ah, Singapore! September, come soonest.

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