Top 10 Tweeters to Follow

I have been spending so much time with Twitter lately, following and un-following several people.  I just decided to come up with my Top 10 Tweeters to follow. My criteria?  None in particular. They just have to be entertaining for me, so as you know, this list is very subjective, and will most likely let you get a better glimpse of what kind of person I am 🙂


this is my Chuck!

#10 @ZacharyLevi – He’s Chuck Bartowski, for crying out loud. That’s enough for me to follow him :p

My love ❤

#9 @adamlevine – Just seeing his name entertains me.  His tweets are almost always witty too 🙂

#8 @cebupacificair – Who would not love Seat Sale Announcements?  This is really advisable for people who checks twitter more frequently than emails.

#7 @MMDA – In a country like the Philippines where traffic is something you have to deal with everyday (except during the days when Manny Pacquiao has a match), MMDA’s twitter account has been a constant companion for motorists and commuters alike.  I really like how they really respond to your queries accurately.  What’s even better is that people on the road provide updates to the MMDA account to further aid dissemination of traffic information via the MMDA RTs 🙂

the fashionista

#6 @laureenuy – I have recently become a big fan of this girl.  When she was nominated in the Globe Tatt Awards, I thought that she was just Liz Uy’s sister.  But her career blossomed as she entered the TV industry by being part of ABS CBN’s My Binondo Girl.  She also owns a blog which I have started to follow religiously.  So I wait for her tweets for blog updates 🙂

#5 @jiritajackson – She’s one of my favorite bloggers in the country, author of the famous  I like how vocal she is about everything that’s happening about her life, may it be because of an S&R Cashier or about the latest local chismis (Piolo-KC, Mo-Rhian) or about her Broad Band provider.  I always look forward to her daily tweets.

it's me 🙂

#4 @uknowicanseeyou – Well, you already know why 🙂

#3 @chicogarcia – There’s nothing un-entertaining about Chico.  His morning radio show, his blogs and his tweets are consistent. He’s CRAZY!

#2 @HecklerForever – He authors the award-winning blog where you’ll learn to find humor in everyday news. He would also occasionally have his QUIZtion via twitter which will make you think until your brains go out! hahaha. To add, he also wrote the foreword for the TMR top10 book :p


#1 @superstarmarian – she’s probably the funniest person on Twitter.  Aside from her becky and mali-mali tweets, she’s also very much up to date with the latest news in the country – be it politics, LA Galaxy, Vic Sotto-Pauline Luna or her lovelife with Dingdong Dantes.


~ by youknowicanseeyou on December 23, 2011.

6 Responses to “Top 10 Tweeters to Follow”

  1. I don’t have a Twitter account but if I were to make one, Zach and Adam would definitely at the top spot. Chuck’s character is my ideal boyfriend and Adam will make a good “bedroom awakening”. Eee.

  2. Hello! I think we follow the same people at twitter. I also like Heckler Forever, Chuvaness, and Superstarmarian.

    Merry Christmas! I

  3. Agree! superstarmarian is really hilarious 😀

  4. hey! i just read this. thank you so much. much appreciated. 🙂

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