Simple Things #5: When your Highschool crush adds you on FB

Ang babaw. I know.


I have a crush on Patrick since I was in third year highschool (no, this is not the same guy I blogged about earlier, that wasn’t a crush, it was LOVE. chos!)  He wasn’t really good looking, per se.  But he grooves and dances like Justin Timberlake and for some reason, a lot of girls are actually crushing on him.  When I first found his invite, I was elated.  I noticed that there aren’t much activity on his wall and it appears that he actually has less than 100 friends – so maybe he just joined FB.  Well, that does not come much as a surprise to me, since he’s not really the type that gets hooked into social networking sites.



I also consulted by highschool journals and I started laughing at the first few days I wrote about Patrick.  I even wrote about our SMS exchanges!  Nakakaloka lang.


So to you Patrick, welcome to Facebook, and to my life again!


~ by youknowicanseeyou on December 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Simple Things #5: When your Highschool crush adds you on FB”

  1. I can relate! And yes, I also wrote our exchange of text messages, time included. Hahaha :))

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