Simple Things #4: Finding your old journals

I used to religously keep my daily journals when I was in highschool.  I can practically recall everything that happened just by browsing through them.  But when I entered college and had much less time to write, I had to stop.  That time, I also practically moved out of our house since I have to live near the University during weekdays.  With that, I also lost touch of where my old precious journals went.  I was just sure that they are still there in our house, but because of the numerous time they have done general cleaning, I know my stuff has been moved from room to room.


So during the holiday, I went through all my stuff at home.  I saw some familiar pink-colored boxes with Winnie the Pooh stickers, and I knew I have found my long-lost treasure! I started reading thru book #6, which as far as I can recall, the corniest one.  I picked that because, well, I wanted to have a good laugh.  And there, I never stopped laughing after the first page.



During that time, I was in 3rd year highschool and was deeply madly inlove with our class heathrob.  We were part of just one barkada.  We were sort of an item, but not really.  Well, he’s being linked to all these different girls aside from me, and during that time, I know it felt like the world is on my shoulders.  What’s worse, he actually fell for my bestfriend when we were in Senior year.  Ofcourse, my friend and I drifted apart.  I was hurt.  But their relationship lasted for only a few weeks, and I felt bad for my bestfriend.  We never regained our bestfriendship (but we’re still good friends now) and the guy went and joined a different barkada.


After reading a few pages, I tried looking for him on Facebook.  For some odd reason, we are not even friends there. Good grief.  Why am I not surprised?  He has changed.  I have changed.  And our story is now just a funny memory.  At the back of my head, I was thinking, this might be his song for me, lol.



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~ by youknowicanseeyou on December 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Simple Things #4: Finding your old journals”

  1. There’s really something priceless about old journals. I regret the fact that I didn’t preserve some of them. It brings memories in a different way. Btw, I love your little story here. 🙂 I can relate!!!

  2. I gotta start looking for my old diaries then! I totally forgot i had them. Thanks for reminding me.

    by the way, i enjoy reading your blog. i just saw the link from one of the rushers. it was @reynareynahan i think 🙂

  3. […] have a crush on Patrick since I was in third year highschool (no, this is not the same guy I blogged about earlier, that wasn’t a crush, it was LOVE. chos!)  He wasn’t really good looking, per se.  […]

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