Simple Things #3

When you receive the first of the many invitations for Christmas Parties.

Yes, parties indeed.  I am working for a multinational company, and it is common to have several Christmas Parties – one for the entire company, one for your specific function (may it be Marketing or Sales or Finance or HR) and one for your sub-function (i.e if you’re from Marketing, you may further be divided to Digital/Media, Products/Categories/Brands, etc.).  And if you’re a little more friendly, you would have your own Christmas Party with your different set of friends from work. 

And for me, it started yesterday.  HR sent out the invitation for the corporate Christmas party, and I am sure, I will be receiving the rest of it in the next few days.  I am also pretty happy with the fact that our HR group is quite creative when it comes to organizing parties — from the sending out of really cute invitations and teasers, from the choice of hosts and performers during the party itself.   I can really feel the Christmas spirit in the office, well, but don’t get me wrong, the environment is still a little uptight, but nonetheless, people are already talking about exchange gifts, Christmas giveaways and Christmas shopping.

I am also particularly excited about the Christmas Party raffle.  I am usually lucky with raffles, but for some odd reason, I have not yet won any from our Christmas parties, so I am hoping that this would be my lucky year (fingers crossed).


Merry Christmas everyone! 27 days to go…




~ by youknowicanseeyou on November 29, 2011.

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