Groupon Fever

I know this post is a little too late, but I really think this is something worth sharing about.  It has been probably 9 months since I started shopping vouchers via the groupon sites.  I must say, they are really good deals, and they come at the right timing!

Here’s just a list of what I have availed:

  • P999 for Hair Rebonding + Shampoo + Hair Blow + Trim at Salon de San Lorenzo
  • P300 for IPL Hair Removal at La Estetica (I bought 16 of these) since best results are said to be achieved after 8 sessions, and I had it for my underarms and lower legs.
  • P5999 3D/2N Boracay Airfare and Accommodation at La Carmela de Boracay (including Breakfasts and Dinners)
  • P3400 Authentic Longchamp Tote Bag
  • P200 Diamond Peet at La Estetica

My favorite sites are Metrodeal and Twangoo, but Ensogo is also good.  I have been satisfied of my purchases and availing them is really very convenient, and ofcourse, tipid!

Have you tried buying groupons as well? Let us know about it!


~ by youknowicanseeyou on November 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Groupon Fever”

  1. I also buy a lot of vouchers in Metrodeal! I actually bought the IPL package too! I just have to wait for a few minutes if i come during weekends, but it’s pretty fast if i visit during the weekday.

  2. I haven’t purchased any vouchers yet but I can say that I’m getting hooked on these sites. A friend introduced me first to Cash Cash.

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