Hooked on Chichi and Gigi

I have to admit, I see myself waking up before 6am every friggin’ day for just one reason – get a good laugh by hearing Chichi and Gigi. I am hooked, yes. Very much, yes.

But no, don’t get me wrong. I am probably one of the biggest Chico and Delamar Fans. Their humor is one of a kind, very youthful yet insightful. I learn a lot from their interactions, may it be about grammar, history, science, entertainment and well, life in general. I am looking forward to having Delle back on air to share her Delamama stories with us (I am sure she has a lot, and we all can’t wait to hear that – Twitter’s 140 character rule won’t give justice to her wonderful experience).

But going back, I am hooked on Chichi and Gigi. Their humor is definitely different from Chico and Delle’s. Theirs is, well, childish and more humorous – in other words, puro kalokohan. And the thing is, they are making their unique segments. Just last Monday, they started the Rap-off, which I should say, is one of the funniest things I have ever heard on air. Well, actually, it was last Saturday (Oct 29) when they started this Rap thing, and I was surprised at how well Gino can do the beat box sound. He really is good. And that day, I should really give credit to how Chico was quick and witty enough to come up with really funny impromptu raps. Monday’s Rap-off I think was a little less impromptu since they had a few minutes to work on their lyrics, but nonetheless, it was awesome! They have also announced that this will be a weekly think, so we can possibly expect another one this Monday! *woot woot*

Another segment they started is the Pic-Pic Time (Picture-Picture time, I know, every thing can have a double meaning in their show). And so far, the pictures have all been quite interesting and funny, and well, very Chichi and Gigi.


So again, I can’t wait to have Delle back, but these two things (along with their new stingers which I just heard yesterday, “Your Kikay Barkada” and “Male Fail” ) will definitely be missed once the Chichi and Gigi show comes to an end. *tears*


~ by youknowicanseeyou on November 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Hooked on Chichi and Gigi”

  1. Nakakatawa yung stingers! Hahaha.

  2. I never get the chance to catch this duo. 😦 Blame oversleeping.

  3. sino ba naman kasi ang hindi mahuhook sa dalawang mokong na yan! they are hilarious.

  4. pawdlasdas

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