I fell in love with Jason Mraz

This post is a little too late (yeah, 5 days late), but it still holds true – I fell in love with Jason Mraz last Sunday.

I arrived at Araneta 30 minutes before the start of the show (after spending 30 minutes looking for a parking slot), lined up for 5 minutes, only to be informed by the guard that I can not bring in my DSLR. Darn. So I had to line up for another 10 minutes to leave my camera by the counter (I didn’t want to waste my energy bringing it back to my car which was parked 10 minutes away).

Entering the Coliseum, I was a bit surprised to see that it was almost 95% full! Just when I though Jason Mraz has lost his charm to his Filipino fans (I mean he has not been so active in the music scene lately), I had to admit i was wrong. I was telling my friend that he looks weird based on Karylle’s twitpic, and she did not buy it.

Oh God, he has changed!

When Jason ran up the stage, the crowd roared! And there he was, with his long curly hair and bandana, ready to serenade everyone with his amazing songs.

He performed a lot of new songs that night, ALL of which are about love.

I was at a loss for words after hearing each of these songs. I was like “if a guy sings me that song, how could a girl EVER say no?”

I can also say that among the concerts that I have watched, this has been the most interactive – there was a part when he was doing an adlib “where do we go from here?” and someone from the crowd shouted, “sa bahay!”, and everyone just roared with laughter. It has also been the most emo of all. There was not a minute in the concert that I did not feel the intensity of his emotions.

Another highlight of the event was when he annouced that he is against human trafficking and that “Real Men don’t Buy Girls”, which, as you know, have been retweeted a couple of times that night.

Ofcourse, he sang his popular songs Remedy, You And I Both and I’m Yours, Lucky (yes, both the male and female parts), but not Sleep All Day. A funny thing that happened was he also had to tune one of his 3 guitars on stage! He really is a genius.

Are you there that night too? Tell me about your experience! :).

Btw, i just found this post from his own blog šŸ™‚




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13 Responses to “I fell in love with Jason Mraz”

  1. I was there last Sunday too, and it was AWESOOOOOME! I didn’t know the new songs (including the 3 you posted here) but just by listening to the lyrics, i fell in love, too, just like you.

    He’s really a remarkable artists. And i really like the response of the people who went to the concert, specially those who made those funny banners, commenting on how he rocks the Jesus look.

    I hope you were able to post some pictures?

  2. I agree. I missed the concert since i was out of the country (see how work messes with what we really wanna do?), but i heard from my friends that it was awesome! šŸ™‚

    are these songs available in itunes?

  3. Nice one Sam!

    Here’s another blogpost about Jason Mraz… nice read too!


  4. his songs just made me blush and blush and blush that night ā¤

  5. and the song I wont give up has just so much meaning to it. i really hope he comes back next year.

  6. That blogpost from him os just heart warming!

  7. i love him. i love him. i love him! awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome show i actually cried at some points. the energy was overwhelming i’ve concluded it’s the best show i’ve been to. EVER!!!

  8. Wow, lucky you!!!! Naiinggit ako šŸ™‚ Thanks for following my blog btw. I really appreciate it.

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