Cooper Matteo’s first public photo

FINALLY. Delle has provided us a sneak peek at her chaming bundle of joy.

 Delle tweeted last Saturday…

Cooper and Tyler

Cooper is just soooo cute, isn’t he?  This photo actually reminded of one of Harper Seven Beckham’s first public photos.

David and Harper Seven

Cooper seems to be a mestizo like his dad, but I cannot quite see who he looks like more because the shot is a semi side view.  I am really hoping that some local magazine would feature Delle and Baby Cooper soon! Or maybe Chico can post his pictures of Cooper, too? I am sure he has some, but they might be suspending these for a Grand Reveal! 😀

If you have read this, and you want to see more pics of Cooper, pls tweet this: #twitpicCooperMatteo!


~ by youknowicanseeyou on October 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Cooper Matteo’s first public photo”

  1. So cute, right!? 😀

  2. how cute is that little bundle of Joy! congratulations to Delle!!! and more power to TMR.

  3. shocked to see the real identity of papa americano!!!

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