Hot Hot Hot Doctors

I am a really big fan of Grey’s Anatomy and House. I have seen all 7 Seasons of both series (some episodes I have seen more than 3 times).   There are times when I even see myself speaking their lines when I rewatch my favorite episodes.

For Grey’s Anatomy, I am more involved in the story of the people – all the drama, lovestories and breakups. Whereas for House, what really interests me are the individual cases that they are working on in each of the episodes. 

These two medical series can never be more different (there was even one episode in House wherein Greg sort of mocked Grey’s Anatomy), except for one thing – HOT DOCTORS!

Top of the list is Dr. Derek  McDreamy Shephard, Patrick Dempsey. <3<3<3

just look at that smile

his casual look

his perfume ad for Avon

Next is Dr. Robert Chase, Jesse Spencer <3<3

look at that body

cute even when he's serious

with his charming locks

And last but not the least would be Dr. Mark McSteamy Sloan, Eric Dane ❤

look at those eyes


no words can perfectly describe this

So yes, I love all the drama, lovestory and cases, but these guys are just so pleasing to the eyes, you’d look forward seeing them in every episode.


~ by youknowicanseeyou on October 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Hot Hot Hot Doctors”

  1. How about the hot FEMALE doctors?

  2. […] Cute kids are my weakness (aside from Hot Doctors). […]

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