Cooper Matteo Arias

What a wonderful name.  The question I want to ask Delle right now is why is his surname Arias instead of his father’s Ashby? I am not entirely familiar with their lovestory as Delle was not very open about it in the show, but what I do know is that they are in good terms.

Delle on what the baby's full name is

I tried to google what laws govern the naming of babies whose parents are not  married, and here’s what I found:

According to the moderator of the site (attyLLL), “The mother of an illegitimate child has sole parental authority. I always recommend that the child be registered in the name of the mother, but you should have an affidavit from the father acknowledging that he is the father. And later he can issue an authority to use his surname, that way the child has an option which one he will use. You can demand support, but the first challenge is always how to prove that the guy is the father. the law recognizes written acknowledgment. This can be an affidavit, letters, emails.”

Since I know this topic is already very personal, I think we should respect Delle’s decision on this and just wait in case she decides to share this with us.

While googling more about Delle’s new bundle of joy, I discovered this blog (, which is also posting about Delle, Baby Cooper and most recently, about Tyler (Cooper’s dad).

On a lighter note, @JackieChanak has tweeted hilarios things yesterday:

crazy Jackie!

Let’s continue to watchout for Baby Cooper’s pictures in Chico’s Blog. And to close this post, here’s just a cute picture of the Chichi and Gigi Reunion yesterday ❤

Chichi and Gigi in Orange!

(UPDATE on Oct 12, 7:12PM)

If you google Cooper Matteo Arias this is what you’ll find!

try to google it!


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6 Responses to “Cooper Matteo Arias”

  1. i hope there are lawyers reading your blog so they can shed some light on this. anyway, i am very happy for Delle! 🙂 but i miss her already!

  2. i agree! it’s a wonderful name!

  3. if im not mistaken, delle said in one TMR episode that she named cooper after her because, cooper is nothing like her and in the airport people might think that she kidnapped her baby because we all know that Cooper looks like his dad.

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