Yes, the past few years have made Anne Curtis the big star that she is now.   Showtime, the top-rated talent show, has made her closer to the masses, and I believe, has helped alot in raising her popularity to the roof!

She has gained several endorsements which features her wonderful hair (which in my opinion is the best Shampoo TVC on air now)…

her flawless skin…

and her star-quality voice..


And the most recent news is that she finally launched her first Album, Annebisyosa, which includes my favorite rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart (duet with Sarah Geronimo).


She even launched this album in ASAP!

Another big thing on her plate right now is her latest movie, No Other Woman.  I personally havent seen it yet, but all the reviews I have read so far are positive.  I heard that there are alot of one-liners or Quotable Quotes, and ofcouse, that the casting was perfect.


~ by youknowicanseeyou on October 5, 2011.

One Response to “ANNEbisyosa!”

  1. i love her! she’s hot!

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