Philippine Advertisements

Yes, i think i spend too much time with my friend, Youtube.  While I was away for two weeks, Twitter and Youtube became my constant companions.

Here’s just a run down of my favorite Philippine advertisements 🙂 

Namnam with Kanto Boys. Maybe because i just love JLC. 😛

Knorr with Going Bulilit Kids. I had an LSS with this song for weeks! Hahaha.


Tender Juicy Hotdog (Dear Diary).  Who would ever forget this? Goodbye Karlo!


I must say i love McDonalds commercials, they always have that kurot sa puso thing going on for them 🙂  Here are some of my top picks:




Here are also some of the memorable Coke commercials.

If you haven’t heard the Coke Beat, you must have beed on Mars!

Who can forget how Nikki Gil’s career was launched?


I believe it was Rejoice who started doing Music Video-like TVCs. 

 They started with the JaBoom Twins

Then with Sandara Park

Followed by Kim Chiu

and finally, the Mara Clara girls


I cannot seem to find the Jollibee commercial with Jennifer (nawawa si Jennifer!).  If anyone has found it, kindly post it here!

How about you? What are your favorite local advertisements?


~ by youknowicanseeyou on September 26, 2011.

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