The Buzz!

You guys have been asking me a few questions, so here are my answers to them a la The Buzz!

What name can you use to call me? You may call me Sam, not my real name of course, but I have always loved that name. I am actually planning to name my future daughter Samantha 🙂

Chico or Delamar? Ooooh, I can not answer this, really.  I love them both (showbiz!) and it’s their tandem that actually got me hooked on radio.  It is how they complement each other, like for example, Chico grew up like a prince and Delle lived a simple childhood.  Everytime they talk about this on air, I can’t help but really admire how they were paired up. It is simply PERFECT.  How Chico would not know how to commute or had a pool in their house, while Delle would commute all the time and lived in a simple house with her family.  So no, I can’t pick just one of them.

i love them both!

Chico or Chichi? I love them both din eh! Chico is REALLY funny and I really adore his Zinger Zongwriter alter ego. But Chichi is able to bring out the best in Gigi, so I love him too! hahaha!

how will i choose between these two, seriously?

Do I follow Gino Quillamor on Twitter? Of course, who doesn’t?

How old am I? Let’s say, mid-20s. 😀

Where did I graduate from? UNIBERSIDAD NG PILIPINAS! Wooootwooot!

American Idol or The Voice?

American Idol or The Voice or X-Factor? I was a big Idol fan, really.  But since The Voice started, I was really hooked. I mean, who wouldn’t? They have my favorite, Christina Aguilera and the new love of my life Adam Levine *swoooon*.  But seriously, I really like The Voice’s show format.  I like it when people who are not-so-goodlooking are able to outshine the goodlooking ones based on their pure talent 🙂 I haven’t seen X-factor yet, so I can’t say anything about it.

i love her!

...and i love him!

Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears? CHRISTINA! I am a big fan, from her Genie in the Bottle days, until now with her interactions with Adam Levine on The Voice. 

Beef or Chicken or Pork or Fish? I am a chicken lover – may it be KFC, Jollibee, MCdo, WeeNamKee or Bonchon 😀

Coffee or Milktea? I am asked this question a lot of times already, maybe because there’s a trend that coffee drinkers are now switching to Milk Tea.  I am not really a big coffee fan, I just drink it, well, during long nights (i.e. for exams).  And Milk Tea, I fell in love with it when I tasted one from Serenitea. And now I am pretty hooked on it 🙂

Roses or Tulips? Tulips, they’re prettier.

Heels or Flats? Depends. I wear heels on formal occassions/events. But who wouldn’t love the comfort of flats? They are God’s gift to women 🙂

Do I watch local movies? ONE BIG YES! I love local movies, yes, the mushy ones with John Lloyd Cruz *swoooon*

Who are my celebrity crushes? I have a lot eh. International: Keanu Reeves, Adam Levine, Patrick Dempsey.  Local: John Lloyd Cruz ❤

What do I do for a living? Hmmm, let’s just say I am in the corporate world 🙂

What countries have I visited? Secret! Haha, sorry! That would give away who I am and what I do 😀 O ayan, may clue pa!

So that’s me. If you have more questions, keep them coming and I will just update this post!


~ by youknowicanseeyou on September 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Buzz!”

  1. What are the first two digits of your UP Student Number? XD

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