What annoys you?

The first thing that comes my mind is the annoying orange!

But seriously, there are things that are just plain annoying.  Here’s my list, feel free to share yours!

  • Texting while crossing the street or walking at the parking area.  ARGHHH!  I hate it because if I accidentally hit them while I’m driving, it would be my fault even if it’s their stupidity that got them hit.  I don’t understand why they can’t wait to reach the other side of the road or their car before texting.  Or if it so freaking important, why not text first before walking?
  • Talking while mouth is full. Seriously, we all learn this when we are kids! It still freaks me out why some people still do this. What actually makes it worse is if food comes out of the mouth in the process. YUCK.
  • Not paying attention during meetings, then asks a lot of questions on things that have already been discussed.  This is a big no-no for me.  I would probably blurt out, “We’ve already discussed that, next time listen so you don’t have to ask and waste my time”.  Meetings are usually set to accomplish a certain purpose, so if someone who is attending is not able to do his part, it would be better to just leave.
  • Using phones during meals.  It’s a sign of being unsocial. Bow.
  • Using phones while at church.  Churches are holy places which should be respected.  So please, put your phones on silent mode and refrain from using them during the service.
  • Using the elevators to move to the next floor level.  As my friend would say, “ang katamaran, nakakataba!”  So please, use the stairs if you can, unless you’re pregnant or carrying too many stuff.  Burn the extra calories from that burger that you ate during lunch. 

I have a lot more things, but thoughts escape me right now.  I will definitely update this list. Maybe you can let me know what annoys you, I may be annoyed with those things too!


~ by youknowicanseeyou on September 1, 2011.

4 Responses to “What annoys you?”

  1. i agree with #2. until now i still encounter people who can not avoid this habit. and the elevator thing, is so common in our building din. ang tatamad!

  2. watermarks on the windshield. actually watermarks on any flat and especially shiny surfaces. the type that appears when it rains right after you just got your car washed 😦 (OC much?)

  3. it’s annoying when your significant other or current date cannot be on his own even for a minute.

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