Things I know and love about G #2

G is child-like, and is proud of it! The picture below was taken in Singapore. He also uses this as his blog’s profile picture.

G is child-like

Of course, i don’t personally know him, but hours of listening to him on the radio (starting from his afternoon show, to his short stint in the morning show, and now to his new evening show) have made me realized how isip-bata G is for his age (26). I know some people don’t see this as a characteristic to like about someone, but for me it is! Wanna know why? I am an isip-bata myself!

I was thinking that if we were together, we would have bought the exact same thing from that store in Singapore! Or I might have gotten more than just that for myself.

It is also my opinion that it is never wrong to have that child-like spirit inside everyone, but ofcourse, not to the point that it is detrimental to one self. Children are trusting and are easy to please, and I believe that these are things that are important in relationships. Once we lose our ability to trust, it sometimes becomes very difficult for us to manage our relationships since we become very paranoid that we will be hurt or worse, cheated on. Once we become difficult to please, we might start taking our loved ones for granted.

So there’s # 2 for you guys! Watch out for #3 soon!


~ by youknowicanseeyou on August 21, 2011.

One Response to “Things I know and love about G #2”

  1. Oo nga! I used to listen to the awesome twosome! Hahaha! Child-like nga ang mokong!

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