the four-month rule pt. 2

So here it goes. Most of you probably wont recognize him, but below is his most recent (and charming) photo.

This is his picture, yesterday.

So yes, I have been crushing on this guy since May.

He’s a radio jock in a local radio station. I just heard him on air one afternoon, followed him on twitter… and there. It was just that simple. I went on and googled his photos and liked his FB page. And I must admit, I thought it was just one of those “crushes” that would pass after, say, a few weeks. But it wasn’t.

I found myself Google-ing about him and listening to his show as often as I can. I visit his FB page atleast once everyday. I also tweet during his shows, yes, just to establish some sort of connection. And everytime he plays my request or greet me on air, I die.

So that’s all for now. What do you think of him? Pls vote below!

Btw, I call him G.


~ by youknowicanseeyou on August 18, 2011.

5 Responses to “the four-month rule pt. 2”

  1. i think i know this guy, probably hosted an event, i just can remember which one exactly. he’s charming nga! what’s his name? and what radio station?

  2. I know him! It’s Jino. i also heard him on the radio. I like her partner, Fran!

  3. Thia is Gino Quillamor! Candy cutie 🙂

  4. Hi! 🙂 just heard of your site from tmr podcast. Been crushing on Gino, too, since he won the 4th radio idol of rx. Was also following his shows then, from doing jumpstart for Igi on mondays, playtime with Hazel, the 3-6 shift for Jake Lopez on fridays, until hip 26 on sundays…

    Though for me, the best show he’s in was with Fran, sadly it’s been cancelled.

    Anyways, happy writing! 🙂

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